Diccionario Griego-Español Abbreviation Databases
for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice

Author: Alessandro Vatri (email: alessandro dot vatri at classics.ox.ac.uk)
Latest update: 4 April 2015.
The databases available from this page are based on the lists of abbreviations of author and work names published at http://dge.cchs.csic.es/lst/2lst1.htm (List I and Suppl. I), which represent a substantial expansion of the LSJ list.
Abbreviations of Latin authors and works have been changed into those of the Oxford Latin Dictionary.

Instructions: Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions

NB: the database replaces the MS Word bibliography database in use, but may be safely used in combination with external bibliography tools (e.g. Zotero). Do not install if you use the internal MS Word bibliography tool as a database for secondary literature.


Sources.xml DGE.xsl





Instructions: LibreOffice


Abbr DGE.odb



In LibreOffice Writer, select View - Data Sources. A panel will appear which includes Abbr DGE. Double-click on this voice, then on Tables, and eventually on DGE Abbreviations. Drag the item you wish to insert from the table into the text. The abbreviations in curly brackets ({ }) are to be italicised. This can be done automatically when all the abbreviations have been inserted by selecting Tools - Macros - Run Macro... - My Macros - Standard - Module1 - DGEAbbr and pressing the Run button. NB: this command will italicise all words between curly brackets and remove the brackets themselves; do not execute it if curly brackets are used as an editorial mark in a critical text.
On data sources see https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/images/0/0f/AccessDataSources.pdf.